Today, I had to let go of someone that's been with my family since 1998.



Old Girl was my daddy's truck. She was a 1995 short-wheel based F150 with a 5.0 V8 and a 3 inch lift. He took great care of her, and I was in love with her from the moment he brought her home in 1998. When we were stationed in Oklahoma in 2010, he called me and told me to come get Girl. That he had bought a "new" 2007 F150, and Girl was now mine, which was a blessing because our 2000 Grand Am GT, while newer, was falling to pieces. So Old Girl made the 3 state journey from Tennessee to OKC with us. She has been the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. The air still functioned after 22 years. It never failed the crank. I learned how to drive in her.



I loved that truck, and anytime we discussed getting a new vehicle I would literally cry.


Well, today someone took that option away. While Bryan was driving to work this morning,  he was rear ended, which sent him into the car ahead of him and then he ricocheted into the metal guards that supports the cable dividers. Three metal guards were obliterated unser Girl's good ole American steel front end. (They don't mame them like that any more, folks.) The back glass exploded, the tailgate crumpled, pretty sure the frame twisted, the driver side front tire blew, and both headlights are gone, plus the front driver quarter panel is trashed. Old Girl is totaled. I'm devastated. 


Bryan is fine. Don't worry. He's sore and really shaken up, but he's not really hurt. And in my haste to get to him, I threw my neck out getting dressed. Ridiculous, right? It popped like a balloon. That was fun to explain to my physical therapist.


Now we get to figure out how we can afford a new vehicle. We still owe on my van, the truck is probably going to bring us $1000, and we simply cannot afford a new car note. It's been a bad day and I could use some love. Watching Girl being towed away on a flat bed was so hard. It feels like a piece of my childhood died.



Goodbye, Old Girl. We love you. You had an amazing run.