What's this? What's this? There's reading everywhere! What's this? There's pages in the air!

Welcome to the official Winter Chills book swap! The super, duper Halloween-themed, horror-filled winter book swap for all us that just can't let go of October. 

Here are the official guidelines! Budget is $20, per the usual. Sign-ups are open from November 2nd to November 21st. Packages will be due to ship by December 5th. I hope that's enough time for everyone. If not, just hit me up and we can work out something. We're all friends here, and with it being the (numerous) holidays, we all understand being stretched a little thin. Delays can be made, budgets can be changed. I just want you guys to have a great time!

What to include:

1. Books, of course. However many you want, as long as they are spooky/creepy/horror or whatever else your buddy wants.

2. A treat. Something yummy to eat or drink. 

3. Something to wear. Socks, pins, a hat, anything. Make it fun!

4. Something that smells nice. 

5. A note, of course. Talk to your partner about why you gave what you gave.


As always, bargain hunt. Target Dollar Spot, Hollar app, Dollar Tree. Used books are fine as long as they are in decent shape. We haven't ever run into a bad giver yet, so let's try to keep it up! :) Also, since some of us don't celebrate Christmas, let's be conscious of that when picking items. That's why this is not a "Christmas" swap, but a "winter" one. Let's try to keep this rather secular and just enjoy the gift of books!

Emails with partners will be sent out on November 22nd. Shipping form will be posted up then, too, so I can track who gets what. 

I love you guys! Let's get this thing rolling! 

I can't believe my eyes! What's this?!