It - Stephen King

1) Bill describes what writing is like exactly how I have to my husband. My head gets so full of my story that everything else is just shoved to the back. I am consumed and I must get it out. All I can focus on is getting back to my computer to finish writing. I will simply turn into the story if I do not get it down. Bill said this nearly word for word and I felt euphoric. I couldn't believe Stephen King was able to put into words my feelings to well, like he plucked the thoughts right out of me.


2) Bill also feels just like I do, that not all damn stories have to be metaphorical or political. They don't have to be picked apart, analyzed and studied. They can simply be enjoyed as tales being told. Why does the world think everything has a hidden meaning? I don't write hidden anything into my stories. They're multi-dimensional, but they aren't metaphors for anything. And I don't think most authors do that either. It's the readers and book snobs trying to be overly smart and high on themselves, finding meaning where there is none.