So I haven't been very active lately. At anything. Instagram or Booklikes. I'm stalling at reading again because I'm back on pain killers, much to my dismay. When you're high as a kite, it's really hard to focus on words. They literally look like they're flying around the page. Sigh. So, this whole year has been really bad for me. But thank God, I have a super husband. He's more than I ever could have asked for. Who would have guessed when I was 11 and we sat next to one another in English class, picking on one another and flirting, that one day he'd be my whole life? I don't know what I would do if I didn't have him here with me.




I'm back to limping, not from my back, but from my bad hip. It's called an SI joint and it's acting up again. I had a pain shot last week but it did nothing. So I saw my neurosurgeon today, thinking he would recommend the surgery to put pins in and be done with it. No, apparently that only works IF THE SHOTS STILL WORK. Instead, I'm going to try physical therapy for a while and pray for the best. I am literally unable to take my son to school in the morning because getting into the car fucking hurts. Walking hurts. What hurts most is the act of standing or sitting. So I tend to just stay in one place and never move. I've become a miserable 80-year-old trapped in a 33-year-old body.


I wave my cane. I'm cranky. I have cats. Yeah.....


Anyway, so I don't see myself finishing IT this month at all, but I am going to get that book done! It's good! Just long. And don't worry! The Winter Chills Book Swap is still on. You know me well enough. That shit will happen. I've bought a lot of cute stuff for it already, so whoever I get will be a happy camper. 


Also, I'm just going to say how disappointed I am in Booklikes for their latest blog post. For obvious reasons. Geez, BL, really? That was shameless. You fell for that jerk's bullshit. I would never go to the admin here and ask them to plug my book. That's terrible. It damages our community and our trust. 


Finally, fellow Americans, especially females and/or LGBTQ, we're going to have to be stronger than ever. This country is a Dumpster fire.



P.S. I bought this used. And it turns out it's an 80s Book of the Month edition! Lol I'm a current member. Small world, huh? Also, it's signed from a father to his son. And I can only imagine to me it would be like "here, son. Love you. Have a big bowl of nightmares!"