...if you don't want to know.


That's what I pretty much told the tech support department of a rebate app I use called Ibotta.


I've been having an issue with their app not showing my online Amazon rebates. So I open a claim with them. This is money we're dealing with here. For 4 weeks I have been getting the shittiest customer service from them, and they have no phone number to call. "We show you have X amount of rebates for Amazon. Please remember it takes 45 days for rebates to finish pending. Then the money will deposit into your account." Yeah, I know. What I keep trying to tell them, and even show them with screen shots, is their app is messed up and not showing any of the rebates on my end. Their system may have them but my phone doesn't show them. But I seriously keep getting the same copy/paste answer from every single tech support person. And that's another thing: it's never the same person that responds. And the new person just gives the same damn response without looking to see I have already been told by 4 others that "45 days blah blah blah". 


Well, today they send me a survey to ask how I feel about my support experience. Gee. 4 weeks and you fucktards haven't done anything for me except tell me I'm not using your app right, despite the fact I've earned over $135 with them about .25 at a time. Clearly I'm no idiot. Whoever reads that little feedback report is gonna need liquor. 


Or they will just copy paste me another answer about rebates and 45 days.