Well, I don't have fevers any more. But my leg is still hurting worse now than before my surgery. Seems backwards, yeah? We figure, since the incision looks healthy, despite the drainage, that the infection is really deep inside. Which is causing swelling, I guess crushing my poor nerves again. Until the infection is brought down, I'm going to have to deal with it. It's only miserable when I need to pee because I have to stand up, and that's like lightning bolts in my right leg. :/


I would like to say thank you to everyone who is giving me such positive thoughts. Grim, you are amazing. And yes, I am in bed and resting. Lol



I got these amazing shoes for whenever I heal. A reward for not killing myself. Or dying. They came from China, and I didn't realize that when I bought them. But the quality is actually great. 


Then Bryan went to the store and brought me back a couple of things to cheer me up:



Golden Girls is my jam. Everyone close to me knows when I'm sick, I watch that show on loop. It goes back to when I was growing up, my mom and me would watch it live on Sunday night's together. One of the few really good mom memories I have. 


And Bruce "I am French" "Oden Demands Blood" Campbell. I enjoyed his first book so much, and this one is signed! When Bryan pulled this out of the bag, I squealed. Then flinched. Then squealed again.


I know he doesn't read my blog, but I want to shout out to my air force Ssgt, video gamer, lazy but loving, obsessed with his own fandoms husband. He helps me limp to the toilet. He cleans the wound without complaint (and it smells terrible, so he's a saint). He feeds me and takes our son to school and keeps the house together. See, this is all my job he's doing. We have pretty traditional roles despite our progressive views. It's just what we chose. But it never fails, when I hurt, he carries me. A lot of people don't believe in true love or soulmates or even God. I believe in all 3 because of Bryan. We met in 6th grade. We dated all through high school. We married at 19. Our first few years were financially awful, but we always had one another. It's now been 13 years. We finish each other's sentences. Sometimes we read each other's minds. When I came out as bisexual, he didn't even blink. He said he sort of already knew. "You really like boobs too much to be straight." 



I look forward to seeing what the rest of our lives together will hold. Just please, Lord, let me be out of pain by then.