Another Saturday doodle fest. 


Andre is an otter prince, the first male of his bloodline to be born with super powers. Powers are always reserved for females, and it gives him a lot of unwanted attention. He discovers he's gay when he meets and befriends Josh.


Josh is a homeless dragonite, a dragon man with the power to freeze things on contact. He meets Andre and the royal family and becomes a recruit for the Dragon Knight program, where elite dragons learn to control their powers to protect their home country. 


The bond between Andre and Josh grows as they spend more and more time together, but as Andre realizes his true sexuality he panics. He's already the center of attention for all the wrong reasons, people think he's too pretty to be taken seriously, and now he's afraid he's going to be ostracized and ridiculed. 


When Andre is outed in a brutal and vicious way, Josh is there to lift him back up. Josh admits to being in love with the prince for quite some time and pledges his own Knight loyalty to him. 


Of course this is a watered-down version. The whole story is like 25k words.