Today the new cover to my first book arrived. I had planned to get it sooner, back when The Naga Queen' s Heart released, but money has been tight this whole year. I was determined to have this particular cover because it uses the old cover.



I use a guy over at to make all my book covers. And when I saw he had made a romance cover using the same ocean and moon that I used as my first cover, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. I had The Dragon God fully edited to fix type-o's and formatting problems, and it's now updated and live for Kindle. Paperback will be on sale in another day or two. I'm not proud of a lot in my life, but this series means so much to me. It's the culmination of my love of many religions, my respect for life and my quest for peace, both inner and outer. 



I even sat down and drew a little chibi doodle of David and Basilla. David is so full of curiosity and wonder, but Basilla is smug and self-confident. She's a queen and a Goddess, and having a needy, helpless human around is both a blessing and a bother to her.


On the recovery front, I'm up and moving better. I can t walk a lot because I get nauseous easily. But my pain is soooooo low. I'm still heavily restricted. And doped. I'm surprised I can see straight. My right leg is still numb, which makes rolling over in bed difficult. It's like having a 50 pound weight tied to you. But at least it doesn't effing hurt. Woohoo!!! I've just been laying in bed watching The Golden Girls or YouTube videos. And I'm catching up on my sleep. 


Mom friends, time for a mini rant: it's only the 6th day of school and Jake has already brought home: a yearbook order form, a book sale form, a fundraiser, a school pictures order form, a school planner book order form, and a school shirt order form. Wtf. I am not a fucking money tree. My husband, who isn't used to handling these things, has been getting all these things and looking dumbstruck. My son is in 2nd grade. Why does he need a school day planner? (It was required and $10 and he isn't even allowed to bring it home, so what the hell is the point?) Again, it's the first freaking week. Why are we already taking pictures? And selling yearbooks? Omg, I know I live in Oklahoma, and our schools are so damn sad it's laughable here. But they treat these kids like upgradeable tech that we never can top off. My son seems to be nothing but walking dollar signs. It's sad. 



On the plus side, as a way to boost my self esteem and treat myself, I bought these adorable boots. I wasn't even able to wear shoes until my surgery. I'm looking forward to bring a normal human again.