Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter

Look, I am all for schools relaxing their dress codes.


But damn.


Electric blue hair? Sleeve tattoos? Chains for belts? Eyebrow rings? I graduated in 2003, and any visible ink or piercings would have made our administration shit themselves. Wallet chains were outlawed as "weapons", let alone someone wearing an entire BELT made of chain. 


Also, can we stop inventing eye colors? Violet? I hope it gets explained because I am so over these things. Like, I loved Shiver, but his yellow eyes being natural wasn't believable either. Can we stick to what eye colors come from birth please?


And while I'm at it, for once, I want a normal looking bad ass guy. I am so tired of guys that are frightening in their intensity. That have tats and chains and muscles like Sly Stallone from the 80s. For one, most guys in high school don't look like that. It's so unrealistic. For two, it's not original at all anymore. I would love to see a guy that wears glasses and relaxed Wranglers turn out to be the kick ass hero for a change.



Oh yeah, that's more like it.