It's been a week here. My primary doctor has put in a referral for me to see a neurosurgeon. Because fuck you, Tricare. Ha. My husband is about to leave soon. Cannot give details on when because of security reasons but still, things are busy prepping for the deployment. We bought an inexpensive pool for our son, the awesome Power Rangers on blu ray and it came with Aftershock. I was glad for that since it went out of print right before the DVD release...which makes perfect sense from a money making stand point.


Anyway then my girlfriend asks for us to post our celebrity crushes on Facebook in nothing but gifs. Here was my first response. He will always be my love.



Then I went back and added my second love:



Which got us talking about Shanks as will happen ever single time. Because we heart that man hard. 


Then someone posted David Tennant and we devolved into our usual "I hate Capaldi-take that back-i will not!" fight. Lol. All in good fun. It goes like this:



I do it for fun. Hahaha. She loves me. :) we went on to DM about Saving Hope.



Because Michael Shanks. That's why.



Also, interestingly enough, this week was Christian Kane's birthday.




Yeah, I know I'm bisexual. But I'm bi, straight leaning. 


Can we just take a minute to appreciate these gorgeous men? Lmao


Also, Evolve is effing amazing. Imagine Dragons has knocked it out of the park. Night Visions was a great album, and it made me fall in love with them. DEMONS was the song that wrenched my heart right out of my chest. Then they released Smoke & Mirrors and it was a bit more mellow to me. I liked it, but not as much. It took time to grow on me. But Evolve is like whoa. You need to check it out. I love it so much I put in a pre-order for the clear vinyl. (How can you make a clear record?!) If you look it up, the popular tracks Thunder, Believer and Whatever It Takes are great, but give Rise Up or Mouth of the River chance.



Have I randomly rambled enough for You? Yeah? Good. I'm tired.