I got a call from Humana military yesterday. Yes, a real phone call. A nice man from the grievance department had received my letter that morning. I, last Friday, wrote a 4 page grievance letter and mailed it to their "grievance coordinator". Well, he called to let me know that they were, in fact, taking my case seriously. They put me on 3-way with the head of some appeals board, a Mrs. Bates or Yates. She told me she was opening my appeal as we spoke, and the the grievance coordinator, I forgot his name, is handling the investigation into all the terrible customer service I suffered. I'm actually pleased with this turn of events.


In the meantime, what have I been up to? Besides some sort of viral infection/migraine combination that made the room spin? Well, I wrote. I had the bug, and I got to me so badly I busted out my new laptop and put it to good use. Between Sunday and last night I wrote 54 full pages. 25k+ words. I'm rather proud of the turn out. Now I'm just waiting for my proof reader, aka my husband, to get to it and tell me if it's coherent or a pile of shit. Hahaha.



Whether I will go to the trouble of publishing remains to be seen. I have dozens of unpublished works. And this story in particular isn't very original in the characters. I've written with them before for about 4 years now. I will just have to see the feedback on this first. 


My head is also not hurting so bad now so I may be able to return to reading. And I have an appointment to see my fucking doctor about back surgery, as a offensive measure against my insurance in case my appeal is denied. I'm also going to discuss a head MRI to see if they can figure out why I have suddenly become plagued with migraines for no apparent reason when I have no history of neurological problems.


I hope your summer is going well. Tomorrow EVOLVE drops. Go support Imagine Dragons. DO IT!