This week has been a total hurricane of crazy. I learned what the Harrah Police station looked like. I had the same officer I met there show up at my house for something totally unrelated. (Long story.) This was all on Tuesday. 


Then Wednesday happened. I finished grocery shopping with my son, drove the 25 minutes home, and was nearly home when I passed this house in my neighborhood I just cannot stand. They always have trash everywhere, their fence is falling over, they have a huge gas grill blocking their front porch and apparently they don't own a weed eater. (Our subdivision is brand new. Most houses are still being built! There is now reason for this crap!) Anyway there was a large bird cage on their sidewalk. And inside the cage.... a very large green bird. It was 90 degrees and sunny. The cage had no shade. I went on around the corner and unloaded my van, sent a series of text messages to my bird-lady friend, and stewed for about 10 minutes before I marched down the street to see if the bird was still outside. Halfway up the sidewalk I heard a lot of crying and "hello" calling out. There he was. A big beautiful double-yellow headed Amazon parrot, all alone with no food and hardly any water. 


For about 10 minutes I went back and forth with my girlfriend on what to do. Do I knock? Do I steal him and make a run for it? Do I just took the cage away and to Hell with it? So I got up my courage and knocked. The Lady that answered was Chinese and hardly spoke English. I told her the bird was going to die if they didn't bring him inside. Why on earth have such an expensive exotic bird just roasting in the sun? She had her 10 year old son come translate. She said she had cleaned his cage earlier, that's why he was out there. Uh....okay? Why can't he sit in the shade of your porch? As I walked away feeling really bad for this poor animal, the son called after me "you want bird? We really don't want him anymore. You can buy him." 


I got on the phone. Me and my girl only had about $100 each. The woman looked insulted. Oh excuse me, ma'am who doesn't want the bird anyway. So I told her my friend would save the money and we would be back in a couple of weeks. But when I got home I just couldn't settle. I started Operation Rescue Baby. I sent out messages and texts to everyone I knew who would be willing to help. In an hour I had $400. The next morning I knocked on their door and waved the cash. It's funny what seeing money can do. They took the cash and I took the bird.


His name is now Danny. Because....



First thing I did was wash his dishes and give him real food. All they had fed him was corn. Wet corn in Oklahoma heat means flies like whoa. So then I had to clean the cage bottom too. He ate snap peas and grapes like there was no tomorrow. Bless his starving heart. Next was to outfit his naked cage. He had no toys, which a parrot needs. They get bored and will go crazy. Start screaming and plucking. So I spent $70 at Petsmart Thursday afternoon. He promptly began to demolish the new dangle toy with gusto. 


Friday this happened.



He let me pet his feet for a while and play with his beak a little.  


Today he climbed out of his cage and explored the top perches, talked to us in his silly baby-like voice, and was a general hoot to watch.



Now the main question seems to be why would they buy a $1300 bird just to neglect it? You would be surprised how often this happens. But Danny is 11 months old, which means he's hitting his sexual maturity. He's nippy and doesn't want to be held or touched. This is when most people get rid of their birds. It's sad but true. They think their bird has turned mean. He hasn't. He's just a moody teen. Already he and I are getting on. His previous owners had no business with him if they didn't understand this period was coming. 


So this has been my week. Thanks to my daddy, my 2 girlfriends and my hubby we saved a life. And let me tell you Danny is so much fun.