The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles - Haruki Murakami

If this book was based today instead of the 80s, it would make one hell of a blog. Toru would have a million followers wanting to know what batshit event happened in his life that day.


Day 19: wife lost her shit and sat at the kitchen table crying because I bought toilet paper with flowers on it. She told me she hated toilet paper with flowers and I should know this and I only think of myself. It's got to be a full moon or something.


Day 90: Got crank-called by a sex worker. All day. Like 40 calls. I only answered the first 2. Omg. Did I want her dressed or naked? Wtf? Need to download a caller ID app.


Day 120: Met a girl in the neighborhood that talked about murdering someone and "pulling out the dead part". I need to invest in better locks. Maybe a Vivant system or Ring. 


Day 192: Cat ran away and wife hired a psychic. I can't even. I was thinking more along the lines of a missing flier. But sure, a psychic is okay, too. Only, she's crazy and talked about a water cleanse on the island of Malta and spoke in riddles. Oh, and she could only say the cat was gone. Thanks so much, weird clairvoyant woman.