....there's a new shark.


And this shark is called Comcast. I fucking hate that company. Now, let me say I have never even had an account with those folks. My husband did like 10 years ago, but I never have. Then last year in the fall I get a letter from a collection agency saying I owe Comcast $440. Excuse me? So I called the agency losing my mind. They told me the address, which was from Memphis, TN. I haven't lived in that state in 6 years at that point. Never at this address. The agency mailed me a fraud and identity theft packet I promptly filled out and sent back. That was the end of it. I never heard from them again, it never reported to my credit, and I went about my business.


Oh, no. Yesterday a new agency has been hired by the sharks to extort money from me. Like what. The. Fuck. You have the wrong goddamn person. Seriously. The account was opened 2 years after I left TN. At an address I never lived at. And up until 2016 you were clearly mailing and calling a totally different person! So how the hell did you suddenly find ME?! 


Now I have to send in a written dispute to this debt. I am so over this bullshit. How on earth do you prove you aren't someone? Any advice? I'm going to mail them a copy of my husband's military orders along with my marriage license and our proof of address. To show we haven't lived in that stupid state in forever. I'm in such a sour mood. I need margaritas.