The Naga Queen's Heart - Mallory Kellogg


Isn't it pretty?!


I know, I know. I was stupid and didn't do a prt-scrn. I just took a quick pic with my phone to show my friends, but now that it's under review for publication I can't go back view the cover. Grrr.


Anyway! I'm so excited guys! I finished the formatting and everything today. I went ahead and did the paperback version since it takes longer to get through the process than just uploading the ebook.


My husband surprised me with a new writer's tool to help me along:



My laptop (which was only bought LAST YEAR) was a heap and I regret ever buying it. Thank you Dell, for bogging down your cheaper computers will SHIT. "Buy backup discs, buy antivirus, buy buy buy." Which meant the stupid thing spent all its time grinding through all that pre-installed spamware. I hated it from day 1.


Now I have a nice Alienware. (With lights. Omg, the lights.)


So I hope you guys are as excited for the release of my book as I am. It's been too long coming. I have decided I will finish this trilogy this year, so help me.



I will post the official release date soon.