My head cold, remember that? The one must son shared and he quickly recovered from? Well, it stuck around and festered into a raging sinus infection. I ended up with a fever (which I never get, not even when I catch strep), chills, aches, sore throat, coughs and general misery. Now, if you follow the news, and you know I live in Oklahoma, you know that the ice-pocolypse was coming (it never did). My husband and I went to do our usual errands Thursday, because it was payday. Not because of the ice. Well after the Hot Topic, the Target and Game Stop, we got to the point of groceries. Yeah...abort. Abort. ABORT! My God people, it isn't the 1800s. We aren't going to starve. But the military Commissary was covered up in so many people we just left. Stopped at a local store near our house where we paid twice as much for a couple of essentials and said we would go back after the world ended this weekend. I was feeling like day-old dog shit anyway. 



Then they cancelled school. So Jake was home Friday. My hubby got off early luckily because they shut the base down for ice-pocolypse 2017. Again, it never happened. So I got to stay in bed. I did saline flushes, which produced bloody nightmares.

AND I found antibiotics in my medicine cabinet! Wooton! Fast forward 3 days and I'm soooo much healthier.



Anyways, I was feeling so much better I decided to do laundry like the good housewife I am. And the fucking washing machine flooded my laundry room. All hoses and drains are dry. It's clearly something underneath that's broken. Tax money can buy a new one but wtf am I supposed to do till then? Sit at a coin op? With these debilitating migraines and those awful florescent lights? Fuck me. I love that washing machine too. It can hold a king size comforter.


And for Christmas I got a Roomba. It's now DJ Roomba. And Darcy the Book hates it. She's screaming at it as we speak. It turns on and she loses her mind.



Side note: they are far too loud to ever be rolling speakers. So Parks and Rec. lied. 


All in all, life is miersable. I'm still sick but better. It's cold and wet. And I'm about ready to shove all this laundry in the dishwasher.