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The Girls: A Novel - Emma Cline

I'm on to my December Book of the Month catch up. I can only read so much nonfiction at a time before I get burnt-out. 


Now that Booklikes is functional again, how was everyone's weekend? I ate too much. And on Saturday I rode one of those massive Superman type swings that drop you 100 feet. I have no idea what I was thinking because I am absolutely terrified of heights. I could hardly walk when they let me out of my harness.



And today I got an awesome birthday gift from my daddy. A pile of old black and white photos of my Mimi whom I loved dearly, and some of my grandfather who died before I was ever born. I cried at the memories. Plus he sent me a book about a cat saving Christmas and a check which will nearly cover my next tattoo. 


It's still a stressful time for me. I have my eye twitch back, which always means I'm under pressure. But I'm done with 99% of my shopping (I start early), and I bought a bunch of new Christmas decor. I tend to shop when I'm freaking out. It's not a good way to deal. Trust me. 






Anyway, let's keep BL chugging along. She's our very own Little Engine.