The Sound of Gravel: A Memoir - Ruth Wariner

The general feeling I have after finishing this book is "yuck". I want to take a shower in bleach. Ruth tells a story I cannot believe is still happening in the modern world. Polygamy, religious cults, and as usually goes with the territory: pedophilia. 


About halfway thru this book, Ruth has a talk with her stepsister and it was heartbreaking. Her stepsister asked her what she wanted to do when she was grown. And Ruth seriously didn't know she had a choice. She was brainwashed to believe she was simply a baby machine, doomed to live in a mud hut and popping out kids for a deadbeat husband. It brought tears to my eyes.


The rampant sexual abuse was enough to make you vomit. Child after child admitting she has been molested, and all the mothers say is "he said he is sorry. You must forgive him. Get over it." And so a criminal was allowed to continue his behavior, unchecked and unstopped. Sickening. 


I enjoyed this book. And it makes me grateful for the life I have. The safety and security I have in my marriage.