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RIP GARFIELD Aug 2004- Sept 2016
RIP GARFIELD Aug 2004- Sept 2016

Yesterday, our precious Garfield crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was 12 years old and the best cat I ever had. Everyone that met him loved him. I even have him tattooed on my arm. It was a hard thing to deal with, coming so close on the heels of Kitty passing. Garfield was getting so skinny, but the vets ran every test they had. All came up negative. It's hard to know something is wrong with your baby but be unable to prove it. So I just prayed and hoped. We buried him next to Capaldi and Kitty, wrapped in my favorite Air Force hoodie. He was with us across 3 states, 4 apartments, a period of homelessness, 2 rental houses and our first owned home. He was a true companion. Goodbye old friend. I will cherish our memories.