The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman

I spent over 2 hours at the tattoo parlor waiting for my special tats. They were doing $13 predrawn tattoos with a $7 tip. So $20 total. I got 2. The place was a madhouse, but lucky for me, I know the artists well enough. So I got good treatment. I was short tempered with people trying to cut ahead of me because they "had places to be". Like I didn't? 


Anyways, here's the results. 



I wish I had taken my book to read. So I read some on my phone. When I got home I got to my real read. 



So I'm curled up in my new bedsheets, and reading. It's not bad so far. Honestly, this book was listed on my "not interested" shelf for a very long time. But I snagged the trilogy in one big volume from Goodwill. So I figured why not. If I don't enjoy it, no harm done. 


Side note, Lord am I tired.....I didn't sleep last night except for about an hour.