It's been 3 years since I got the bug, but when it bites, look out.


It bit, and I fell into the writing hole. For other authors, they know the place. It's like a pit you tumble into, only instead of walls there are words. And you can't climb out until every single word is out and on paper. Then you stagger out, unshowered and gross and wondering what day it is. Like binging on Supernatural for the weekend.


But it's done. Now I get to send it to my eager circle of friends to see what they think of it. Once the verdict is in, I will put thought into formatting and a cover.


What is the project? Children of the Fallen. I took characters from an unpublished series I made, shook things up and saw where it went.


The plot? A newly turned vampire ends up with a crew of vampire hunters. She wants to know why she's different from the other blood suckers, and she thinks they can help. There are werewolves, more vampires and lots of sexiness. I haven't thought up a blurb, as you can tell.


Here's the teaser I posted to my FB page:



Can you tell I adore Michael Shanks? And America Ferrera.


Anyway, this was a perfect time to fall down the hole, since my husband was on leave to care for me as I recover from my surgery. I'm hoping the reviews are good because I have the itch to publish. I'll keep you posted.


P.S. I cancelled my monthly Ipsy bag and joined a book club. Yay, I get a book every month. Like Christmas! woohoo! First book: The Moors Account. Craig Ferguson likes it so it must be good.