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Review: The Blemished

The Blemished - Sarah Dalton

I download tons of free books. I'm usually broke and reserve book purchases for special occasions. Anyway, most free books are free for a reason. They're unedited, poorly written, horrible rip offs, or just an combination of those. 


This one managed to rise above the others. It was a bit of Divergent and a bit of Uglies, with enough original content to keep me reading. If you know me, you know I disliked both of those dystopian books. Well, hated is a better word. But I actually loved this book. It was wonderful. 


The only thing this book needed was an editor. There were missing commas a lot, and a few misplaced words. But the characters were believable, and the fact it took place in the UK was a nice change of pace. I may look into the rest of this series.