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Artistic Compliments

So I went to the tattoo parlor this afternoon. While I was waiting on my artist to arrive, I was speaking with the owner. He is a very crude, hilarious man that I love talking with. I have some interesting stories about him. Anyway he asked to see my sketch, and when I opened my pad up he saw my dream tattoo of a dragon, koi and a giant pearl with 2 otters swirlING inside. He was like "fuck, girl, wanna be a tattoo artist? You got some incredibly professional line work! You even use different line widths to show depth. I can teach you." I was so flattered. He said even my pencil sketch was great. :) So I wanted to share with you guys some of my old art for those of you who didn't know me before I became an author. 


I was a prominent fanfiction character in the SWAT KATZ fandom.