My husband surprised me last weekend by deciding to go back and rewatch SG1. Man, I forgot how much I nerd out over that show. Love me some Teal'c! (And I'm crazy about Michael Shanks).


We have a big sci-fi nerd friend. He loves Doctor Who and Star Wars, etc. So I was like yay, another person to talk about SG1 with. Then he said he had never seen it and it didn't seem like his sort of show.


How can you not like SG1?!


Anyway, so we're reliving our early years of marriage a little with all the first season episodes. As for reading, I think I am doing well. I have a method now, 4 ebooks to every 1 hardcopy. This way I don't just pile up all my digital copies and forget about them. 


Hope everyone else is having a great new year. :)