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"The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you."

Shock and Mourning

This morning, my bestie sent me this link. It's a news article about a husband shooting his wife. Well, we both knew this woman. We all lived on the same street on base, in a small cove. We would sit in my driveway at the back of the cove and watch our kids play on their Power Wheels. She had 3 babies then, now 4. While I liked her just fine, she had a lifestyle I wasn't in to. I won't go in to details, but you guys know me. It had nothing to do with gay rights or anything. It was more a matter of taste than beliefs. But anyway, they moved off base, and then my bestie was restationed, and then I bought a house. Turns out my house is only 5 minutes from this woman's. Things happened, she divorced and remarried. And then it seems things went wrong. CPS took the kids about a month ago. And now, the woman I knew and talked too on so many occasions is dead. Killed. Murdered. 


Please people. Speak put against domestic violence. Don't turn a blind eye. Remember Becky. Remember her 4 kids and please stand up. 


RIP Becky. I'm sorry we lost touch.