Man, what is up with me these past couple of months? I just haven't had much urge to read. But it's not like I haven't stayed busy. Trust me, I have.


What have I been doing? Let's see.


Designed my new tattoos. The cat is a best friend tat to match my bestie's. The dragon and koi is to be the start of my right sleeve.


I took Garfield to the vet because he lost so much weight.



Turns out he's fine. He's just old.


I had several lunch dates with a very handsome young man.



That WAS a burrito when I ordered it. lol


I painted my island to match my upper cabinets. And I added plexiglass to make a kick shield.



I pulled down the massive, head-injuring cabinet in my son's small bathroom. I always cracked my head on it. So I got it down, patched the wall, painted and them mounted some cute baskets. I painted the basket interiors so they matched the rest of the bathroom.



And then I adopted this cat:



She is a one-eared black kitty my son has claimed as his own and named Fluffers. She is super sweet and shy.


I have also done a crap-ton of other things, like deep cleaning and organizing. Been buying Christmas presents a little at a time, dealing with getting my son to doctors' appointments and trying to catch some sleep. Helping my bestie from her apartment to their first house.



She has a garden, and there's an okra plant. She hates okra. I love it pickled. Look at the size of those damn things.....and I forgot I had her conure on my shoulder. His name is Sterling. He loves to attack my lip ring, FYI.


I'm also going through something health-wise. Turns out I have hypertension. Which explains why I feel to bad most of the time. It's bordering on dangerously high. I see the doctor on Friday, and I have been logging my blood pressure at least twice a day. The numbers are never good.


But the hypertension leads me to something that will change my life for the better once I get it approved. I will be eligible for the Lap Band surgery. Tricare will actually cover the procedure once I am officially diagnosed with hypertension. Who knew I would be happy to have high BP?


Anyway, that's about it. I'm always busy. Or I'm so damn tired and sick I just sit in a coma and stare at the TV. I discovered I can watch Steve Wilkos on YouTube. lol God, I'm already feeling like crap and I haven't even done anything really.