My father has an entire room in his basement called the library. A 10x10 room filled with books. Nonfiction, mostly. War, history, guns, biographies of great historic figures. And Great Books of the Western World, a huge collection of classic lit. 


I borrowe volume 4, Homer, so I could read The Iliad......and I lost it. 



It really got to me today. It's been 15 years. I read an article about respecting books and how book lovers hate when you lose their stuff. So I texted my daddy and asked for the title of the series. Once I got the name, I looked the collection up and figured out it was volume 4. Low and behold, there was a seller on ebay selling them individually. So I have finally righted a wrong. It is being shipped right to him. And I am relieved to have this guilt off my shoulders. Some day I will inherit this series, and I know it would bother me even more then. So, daddy, I hope you forgive me. I love you!