This year, I made a resolution. If I didn't like what I was reading, then I wouldn't suffer through it. And I have stuck to my guns. While I despise leaving a book unfinished, I feel my time is worth more. If the movie sucks, you change the channel, right? So far I think I have junked 7 or 8 books this year. That is high for me, but most of them were Kindle freebies. Sometimes you find a free gem; mostly you find unpolished shit. Now to decide what I will subject myself to next. I have knocked several of my oldest ebooks off the list, so I think I will read whatever I want for a change. Cinder maybe? Who knows. But for now, I am going to lay on my heating pad and binge Ink Master (and dream of when I will have enough money for my dream sleeve). Peace, peeps.