Back To U - Kathy Dunnehoff

Maybe I am being critical, but I see so many holes in this woman's plan. So you and your daughter basically have the same name. You're just going to sorta take her place at college. While that may work to some extent, what about social security numbers? And I thought you registered for classes well before they began. Like, the semester before! Not the day before. You end up with the shit classes if any at all.


And what about just up and abandoning your house? All your food will spoil, you left your clothes there, you didn't even take your effing toothbrush! You just kinda fumbled along without really thinking long term.


The only thing I admire is having a dorm room all to herself. I had a dorm in college, and I had a roommate for the first semester. But I had the cheapest dorm, and it looked like a converted asylum. All thick cinderblock walls, white linoleum and a sink in the corner. It was dull and long before stores sold entire lines of college dorm decor.


Anyway, this book is not all that interesting. It seems like an interesting idea, but this lady hasn't thought out anything,