Pulled - A.L. Jackson, Amy Lichtenhan

Sooooo much wrong with this book.


The slut-shaming alone is enough to turn you off. Daniel keeps calling Vanessa a whore and a bitch, but....well, you boned her, dude. So, clearly she isn't that nasty. And she's having his baby.Dude, some day, what the fuck do you think your son will think when he finds out how badly you treated his mom, a woman you were more than happy to nail? Am I the only one that thinks of these things?


It just makes me seethe when men call women whores and bitches and sluts but still sleep with them. Yuck.


On the flip side of things, I so feel bad for Melanie. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 19. Everyone knew we would end up married, but my mother was more than angry about it. So seeing Melanie deal with her crazy dad, I can sympathize.


Don't get me started in Nicholas. He's a domestic violence poster child.


Oh, and FYI: I'm still married to him. ;) Our 11th anniversary is next week, July 30th.