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Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads

Author of the Gods of Myth series. Mother and military spouse. Artist and creative expert. Homemaker. Master of anxiety. Friends with pain. My husband is my best friend, and my inner circle knows they can count on me for anything. Adopter of shelter cats. Lover of greyhounds. Enjoys birds, nature and fossils. Child at heart. Can't get enough of My Little Pony, Care Bears and Power Rangers. I watch too much Investigation Discovery. And I hoard books, pops and anything cat related.
"The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you."

Reading progress update: I've read 234 out of 416 pages.

The Last American Vampire - Seth Grahame-Smith

Okay, so first Henry teamed up with Stoker and Doyle. (Too much author power in one place.)


Then he teamed up with Tesla and Twain. (That's a whole lot of brains in one place.)


Now, he's working for the U.S. govt under my biggest hero: Theodore Roosevelt. Very few people in American history have gotten to me like good ole Teddy. He was a man's man. An American's American, to quote Smith.


Off topic: this tedious baby blanket is coming along slowly....And I have discovered BookBub. That might prove as dangerous as Zulily for me.


Zulily, you horribly wonderful place.



But damn, I rock their vintage flare dresses!