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Review: Bright and Shiny, not Sparkly

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout




This book was meh. For the most part, it was a Twilight-type book with the new girl in town meeting the weird family that makes others nervous. The moody brother, the sweet sister. Yep. TWILIGHT.




I mean, everything was like effing Twilight. The main character always getting in trouble, almost getting hit by a vehicle, the weird family glowing (instead of sparkling), our heroine getting injured in some insane plan to save others. What. The. Fuck.


The redeeming factor that boosted this from 2 star to 3? Katy, our troublesome heroine. OMG, I loved her. She had a very REAL personality. Not a void of black emotionless like Bella, but a real, true personality. She flipped off people, fought back when insulted and didn't take anyone's shit.


You just lose me when you bring in aliens. I don't know why, but mostly, alien books never appeal to me. They're always trying too hard to be something they aren't. This one is no different.