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Saddest of Days....

At about 8:15 this morning, I lost my precious kitten Capaldi to some sudden, unknown illness. He was barely 6 months old.



I have no idea what killed him. I woke up this morning to get my son ready for school, and Capaldi was lying by my bed, gasping and unable to walk. When I got back from dropping my son at school, I laid on the floor by our kitten and waited with him. I knew it was too late for any vet to save him. I worked in a cat sanctuary for a long time, and there's just a certain look they get when it's time for them to leave.


When he was gone, I cried for a long time and just held him. He was just a baby. He deserved a long, happy life.



It's been a bad day. Last year I lost my greyhound I loving called my old lady Britt. This year I lost my little baby kitty. Sometimes life just isn't fair. I just have to cherish the time I had with him, those short 2 months, and be grateful I still have 2 incredibly healthy cats to love.