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Stalker, NOT Hero

As the internet continues to explode with people claiming Hale is a hero, we reviewers are left with very little we can do. We feel violated (as we should), and it really looks like there will be NO consequences to the wacko behavior of Kathleen Hale.


I read her blog, just out of morbid curiosity, and this case of stalking isn't even her first brush with insane. She's apparently got a history of violent obsession. This is NOT a person that should have ever been given a publishing contract. She's unstable, clearly.


Now on to the facts of the matter: stalking is a felony. And we don't even have to gather evidence in this case. She's bragging about her crimes all over the internet. Why isn't she being prosecuted?


She also committed mail fraud, by obtaining Blythe's address through fraudulent means. There's another crime. Again, why no handcuffs?


HarperCollins is washing their hands of the matter, pretty much telling us it wasn't their fault they signed a loon to their company and unleashed her on the world. Doesn't seem like they're going to punish her at all.


And for some reason, after reading her effing blog, what really upset me was her calling up Nev Shulman and dragging him into this shitstorm. I love Nev. He's a great guy. I find it shameful that Hale would call him up and pump him for information, making herself look like a victim of catfishing. She wasn't being catfished. We reviewers use code names and screennames all the time, for this very reason! Sometimes we're just not safe! I hope Nev has gotten the whole story and is upset with being played.


And I hope SOMEBODY brings judgment down on Hale for her batshit behavior. Both as an author and a reviewer, I am disgusted with her. She is not a HERO! She's a criminal. I totally agree with the blog that said if she'd been a man stalking a woman, she'd be in prison right now. This isn't fair. A negative review shouldn't put your life in danger.